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This is an On-Demand Course. You Can Also Bring This Course to Your Organization and Train Your Entire Team.  For more information, call 1-844-538-2574.  Note: Course access is activated 24 hrs. after payment has been received.


Prerequisite:  “The Practical Trainer”



Behind every spectacular training session is a lot of preparation and meticulous attention to detail. The truly skilled trainer can make a program exciting! This online course will teach you advanced skills that can help you take your training programs to the next level. 



After this course, you will know the trainer’s role, skills and competencies. You will understand the learning process, different learning styles, be able to apply that knowledge. You will discover ways to manage the stress of training, planning a workshop, and leading a training session.   You will know how to deal with difficult participants, evaluate learning, conducting on-the-job follow-up.   Alternative training methods, such as eLearning, co-facilitation, and team teaching will be covered.

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

  • The course will provide all curriculum information necessary to demonstrate the value of the seminar.

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