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Onsite Workshop Available!

You Can Also Bring This Course to Your Organization and Train Your Entire Team!  For more information, call 1-844-538-2574.  


Delivery Method: Live Virtual Workshop
Duration: 90 Min and 3 hours


About this course:

Change is becoming more of a consistent aspect in the workplace rather than something that happens some of the time. Whether it is a change in policy and expectations or a major change in the community, some changes are harder to adjust to. Knowing how to manage change is critical to surviving today’s workplace.


This workshop will provide you with the tools, practice and skills to help you manage change more effectively.


Course Objectives:

  • Differentiate between various ways people react to change
  • Recognize how people process and let go during the process of change
  • Understand how change can be an opportunity for innovation
  • Identify strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace

Change Management That Matters

  • The workshop includes participant guide and resources necessary to demonstrate the value of the workshop. Resources are available in digital format for easy downloading.

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