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This is an On-Demand Course. You Can Also Bring This Course to Your Organization and Train Your Entire Team. For more information, call 1-844-538-2574. Note: Course access is activated 24 hrs. after payment has been received.



Creative thinking in the workplace is in demand. We live in a competitive society and creativity improves productivity, teamwork, and innovation. But how do we tap into our creativity when corporations and organizations require or expect it? Creativity is a skill that can be learned. Workplace employers and the workplace environment can assist and promote the creative corporate culture.



After you complete this course, you will be able to, define creativity and identify the characteristics of a creative person.  You will also be able to identify the benefits of creativity in the workplace, examine creative corporate cultures, foster creativity and apply brainstorming techniques.

Creativity in the Workplace

  • The course will provide all curriculum information necessary to demonstrate the value of the seminar.

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