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Welcome to CLRG's articles page, where you will find our latest featured workforce and business articles. 

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Fall 2020

How We're Surviving During the Pandemic

"Remaining Optimistic into the Future: Ridiculous faith has become my mantra during this pandemic. I refused to believe the pandemic would be the reason CLRG closed its doors. CLRG will continue to believe we have a purpose here and will continue to positively impact the workforce industry for businesses, the community..."  Read More...


Fall/Winter 2018

4 Steps to Impress the Recruiter

For people with disabilities, employment means a greater economic self-sufficiency, an opportunity to use their skills, and more active participation in their community. Read More...

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Fall 2020

Don't Chase Butterflies: Finding Purpose in Your Career

"Finding purpose in your work can be very much like chasing butterflies. Don't run around anxiously, trying to find it. Instead, be patient and conduct a more thoughtful search. The meaning and purpose you seek will most likely appear when you least expect it." Read More...

Black EOE Journal _Fall Winter 2017 Cove

Fall/Winter 2017

Going Global Despite the Odds

"One thing I always share with my training team is you must learn the customer's culture to effectively train their team." Read More...



2020, Your Year of #OwningIt!

"The ability to own your power positions you for success in and out of the workplace. You’ll find yourself
being bold and confident in your decisions, and you will feel the right to negotiate for yourself and demonstrate
strength even when you find yourself wrong in situations. It takes gutsiness to allow yourself to display
vulnerability and a humble spirit while maintaining your self-respect. As the owner of your career and destiny,
believe and begin to practice #owningit."

U S Veteran Magazine_Fall 2017_Cover.jpg

Fall 2017

All Hands on Deck for this Diverse Workforce Training Entrepreneur

"As the CEO of a diverse workforce training company, providing services to emerging consumer markets and maintaining innovative practices is important. Here are a few supplier diversity strategies that has helped my business maximize the 'all hands on deck' best practices." Read More...

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