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We assess, design, develop, and deliver

workforce solutions with your industry in mind.



Designing Training With Your Industry in Mind. Every solution we create is designed with your brand, learners and industry in mind. Our design team will apply the most efficient training method to meet your desired performance needs. We offer gamification, microlearning, elearning, mobile learning,  and supplemental courseware for instructor-led training. Bring your vision and we'll bring the performance solution! 

Instructional Design


Provide quick reference materials at the point of need. Provide your learners with 'just-in-time' electronic job aids, and self-study materials after they receive training or to announce timely new company operational procedures. Accessible on-demand via PC, tablet, or mobile phone. We will customize your content to keep it current in your learner's mind. Provide the performance support your employees need to remain high performers! 

Streamline & Maximize Your Training With LMS. Achieve business goals faster by developing new skills and closing skill gaps. Our modern Learning Management System (LMS) empower businesses to organize, track and distribute online courses. Learners can go live instantly with the Fluidic Player that plays virtually any eLearning content seamlessly regardless of format.  Get ready to upload your eLearning content,  organize it into courses, enroll learners, and monitorassess your learner's performance. 



Your Content will be better targeted and more personal for your audience. CLRG will help industries with their digital production needs. As video and visual content continue to dominate the consumer landscape, businesses will need content that will focus more on entertaining and informing their customers. Visual communication will assist in driving further effectiveness to business performance goals. Our engaging product solutions is available in many forms, from interactive PDFs & presentations, audio, videos (explanatory  & animation), short e-learning tutorials,  graphics, and images.

Digital Content
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