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Creating and delivering performance training solutions

is part of our culture.


Delivering Training With Your Industry in Mind. Annually we deliver group trainng programs online and in-person to government and private organizations. We offer a library of off-the-shelf and customized training programs for your team. In addition to reduced cost, group training is an effective way to ensure team members learn the same concepts and techniques simultaneously and consistently. Our training catalog include the folllowing series: Workplace Essentials, Train-the-Trainer, HR Series, Career Development, Supervisor and Manager Series, and Leadership Series.  Receive a complimentary Training Needs Assessment to help you determine your trainng needs!  Contact us to schedule your team's next training session!

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Training Solutions
Online Conference


Delivering Training With Flexibility in Mind. We equip individuals with the ability to leverage their professional growth independently through online live training and on-demand training programs. We provide cost-effective training solutions to meet individual needs as well as organization needs.   Contact us to learn more!  

New On-Demand Courses Coming Soon!
Customized Solutions


Instructional Design With Your Goals in Mind. Every solution we create is designed with your brand, learners and goals in mind. We combine solid instructional design principles, creativity and technology to create unique and innovative training solutions to improve performance. Our instructional design team will apply the most efficient training method to meet your desired performance needs. We offer customized content for curriculums, online training, video tutorials, job aids, reports, and other digital communications. Share your vision and we'll bring the solution! 

Training Needs Assessment


Our job is to help you achieve your objectives and be successful! Our transformative solution offerings provide the industry expertise your team needs to make good decisions and reach business objectives. Our training advisory solutions collect and analyze your data to uncover the right learning solutions to solve your challenges and get results.


Your Content will be better targeted and more personal for your audience. CLRG will help industries with their digital production needs. As video and visual content continue to dominate the consumer landscape, businesses will need content that will focus more on entertaining and informing their customers. Visual communication will assist in driving further effectiveness to business performance goals. Our engaging product solutions are available in many forms: PDFs (interactive), Presentations, Explanatory Animation Videos, and Micro e-Learning Tutorials.

Digital Content
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