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Creating high performers.

Workforce Training

Professional Development Programs

C. L. Russell Group, LLC believes no matter the size of your business, excellent customer service should be the heart of your organization training model if you wish to be successful. 


Customer service relates to the service provided to customers before, during and after an encounter with potential, new or existing customers. Although it can take extra resources, excellent customer service can help your business and your customers grow. Contact us for  more information about our Customer Service Program!


The content, design and presentation style of our professional development programs are customized based on consultation from our clients to meet their needs. We consider the desired culture of our clients and employee profiles.  We offer full-day and half-day workshops and lecture style seminars.


Over 200 Courses in the Following Topics:


  • Customer Service

  • Administrative Skills

  • Career Development

  • Human Resources

  • Professional Development

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Supervisor & Management

  • Workplace Essentials


*We offer Spanish Versions for a selection of our courses!

  • Customized

  • Blended

  • Memorable Learning!

Interested in experiencing our training workshops? Call us today for a FREE Training Assessment
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