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Become a Learning Partner!

As part of C. L. Russell Group, LLC (CLRG) commitment to supporting and creating a future ready workforce, we launched the Learning Partner program!  

The Learning Partner program collaborates with organizations to offer a series of workforce and business skills training workshops in an effort to offer top industry training for today's workforce and business professionals. Through this partnership, CLRG will serve as the organization's personal learning consultant by helping to assess and plan a robust training schedule aligned to meet the needs of your team's performance!


Career professionals alike will have access to relevant & engaging instructional-led courses such as: Personal, Health & Wellness Series, Career Development Series, Workplace Essential Series, Professional Development Series, Leadership Development Series, Human Resources Series, Train-the-Trainer Series Entrepreneur name a few! 

Get ready to enhance the workforce and business skills training in your organizations by offering a wide variety of training workshops.  

Here's how it works:

  • We will meet with your team and assess your training needs

  • You determine the determine your learning styleEach student will be allocated a GIZ project abroad and provided with initial information. The next step will involve them using the Alumniportal Deutschland to find a member of the alumni network living in their project country, ideally someone who is also familiar with the specialist focus of the project.

Interested in becoming a learning partner with us? Send us your contact information and we will contact you today to get you on board! 

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