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Onsite Workshop Available!

You Can Also Bring This Course to Your Organization and Train Your Entire Team!  For more information, call 1-844-538-2574.  


Delivery Method: Live Virtual Workshop
Duration: 90 Min and 3 hours


About this course:

Your ability as a leader, to understand the emotions that your team members are feeling allows you not only to become a more effective communicator and problem solver, but also to build the rapport and trust that fuels team success. Understanding other people’s emotions is a key skill in the workplace.


In this workshop, participants will explore what it means to demonstrate empathy and the benefits of improving relationships with team members.


Course Objectives:

  • Define empathy and the traits of an empathetic leader
  • Understand the impact of influence and the benefits of empathy
  • Demonstrate practices to becoming a more empathic leader


  • The workshop includes participant guide and resources necessary to demonstrate the value of the workshop. Resources are available in digital format for easy downloading.

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