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Instructional & Virtual-led Training

Our customized instructor-led (ILT) training delivers group synergy and real-time facilitator feedback. We select engaging activities and real life scenarios. Even if you can't get everyone in the same room, we offer Virtual Instructor-led (VILT)! A cost-savings alternative to traditional classrooms. Our blended learning approach includes activities, videos and multimedia that increases peer-based learning and retention.


Whether online or in a classroom setting, our instructor-led training allows for learners to interact and discuss the training material inividually or in a group setting. Our instructor-led seminars engage participants early in each training experience, retain their attention and interest throughout, and create memorable interactions with fellow learners as well as our instructors.


How do we accomlish this? We accomplish

this by creating solutions that is participant-

focused and includes core developmental concepts:

  • Timely, relevant, insightful and useful,

  • Employ experiential and action learning,

  • and Motivating!


We offer full-day and half-day seminars in

over 200 topics! A selection of our seminars

are available in Spanish!  Ready to experience

our training seminars? Click here

for more information!


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We believe custom eLearning and mLearning should be a benefit to the employer and the employee.  Successful outcomes should enrich the learner's motivation to learn and create anticipated behavior responses.


Our eLearning courses allows your employees to access educational course or learning programs outside of a traditional classroom. ELearning should be effective, convenient and not a waste of time to learners.  With our modern and robust elearning best practices combined with our knowledge and skills, we offer a personal consultative experience to create elearning solutions that are exciting and results driven. 



Attention and retention are important factors when developing training. Engaging your learners and keeping them focused matters. The mobile platform offers convenience and an increased desire to learn for 'on-the-go learners!'


  • Focusing on the mobility of the learner, we use mobile tools to create learning aids  that allow learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions.

  • Your learners can now access mobile learning at their convenience  and virtually anywhere, using their personal electronic devices.

  • Outcomes leads to instant response from your employees.


Ready to create new online training or convert your existing material into online training? No problem...we can help you determine the most efficient way of making it happen for you! Call us today @ (240) 257-3141.


Mlearning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.

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