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Email Etiquette: Every Professional Should Know

Email is one of the main sources of miscommunication in the workplace. Regardless of the problem, an understanding of and adherence to good email etiquette can reduce or eliminate most issues related to digital communication. This live interactive online course covers writing professional and courteous email correspondence best practices."More Info

Career Planning for an Uncertain Future

When the only thing you can be certain of is more uncertainty in the current economic state, now is the time to reassess your career goals that maximizes your flexibility, adaptability, and alternative options. Many people are tempted to succumb to negativity, experience anxiety and lose sight of their career goals. One of the most important pieces of advice a person can do is to stay calm and remain focused. This online course will help individuals learn ways to continue their career planning and discover new opportunities during uncertain times." More Info

Effective Communication in a Crisis

Every company, no matter the industry, deals with difficult issues that will arise unexpectedly. No organization is free from the risk of a crisis. So how should leaders communicate to employees when something goes wrong or a major change is about to take place? In this online course participants will learn how to communicate the facts and issues surrounding them clearly, quickly and consistently.More Info

How to Strategically Move Into a Management Position

Although some people do not desire to serve in management roles, for those who do, there are some important steps to take to position themselves to step into these higher-level roles. During this webinar, participants will discover ways to position themselves into a management position. More Info 

Managing Constant Change in the Workplace

Change has an impact on most businesses, so it’s important to understand how it can affect your team, and your organization. This course will encourage you to think about what change management is and improve your awareness of what’s involved in creating a change initiative. More Info

Successfully Managing Unplanned Changes For Managers.

Managers will learn strategies to strive during unplanned organizational changes. More Info

Time Management Audit

Just as a business monitors its stock levels, you need to keep track of your time. How much do you have available? How much should you dedicate to certain tasks? Do you have time available to deal with unexpected demands?You can answer these types of questions by carrying out a time management audit. In this online course, you will explore ways to track your time. Since you can’t increase the number of hours in a day, you need to be diligent about tracking and optimizing the time you have.

More Info

Are You Cut Out for Management?

You've been offered a promotion to manager or perhaps considering to take this new career path. Are you ready? Everyone called to manage does not have the qualities it takes to be an effective manager, or may find out after the fact they no longer enjoy serving in a management role. This online course will help you conduct a self-assessment that can prevent you from becoming an "accidental manager." More Info

Conquering Loneliness for Remote Workers

Remote work offers many benefits, including flexible hours, childcare convenience, commute convenience, etc. But while working from home adds flexibility to people’s lives, it can also bring loneliness. The abrupt shift to remote work might have you longing for the colleagues you turned to when you got stumped, needed a coffee break or some comic relief when you were just having one of those days. Companies with well-developed remote work cultures are aware of these issues and make sure employees feel included no matter where they may be located." More Info

How to Manage the Virtual Workplace

Virtual workers and teams are an essential part of today's workforce. Although there are many benefits to today's virtual workplace, there can be challenges as well.  This online course will help managers prepare employees for the virtual workplace. More Info

The Impact of Mental Health at Work

Prioritizing Your Mental Health at Work Workplace stress isn’t uncommon, but when left unchecked, it can lead to depression and anxiety. When this happens, stress not only creates negative emotions, but it also results in lower productivity, the inability to concentrate on work and strained relationships with colleagues. This online course will help you identify and manage mental health at work."

More Info

Managing Your Career | Making the Best of Now for Your Future

Career Management is all about ensuring that you make the most of your working life, both now and in the future. It’s not a one-time event but a lifelong process. In this webinar session, attendees will discover steps in taking control of their career and learn how to perform the classic Personal SWOT Analysis.

Successfully Managing Unplanned Changes For Employees.

Any change, especially unplanned can have an unsettling impact on individuals. Employees can help through thoughtful planning, effective communication, and engaging in exploring how changes can be handled effectively for everyone. In this webinar, employees will learn strategies to strive during unplanned organizational changes. More Info

Building Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are a fact of business life for many organizations and running them effectively is fast becoming a major challenge. In this online course participants will learn what they can do to improve a virtual team's productivity and effectiveness. More Info 

Coping With Loss in a Virtual Team

COVID-19 brings a grief experience that is new and complicated for many of us. Your virtual team members will likely experience sudden loss or change no differently to a team working closely in the same office. To support a virtual team through loss, managers will need to understand how to support and adjust their approach for a virtual or remote setting."

More Info

How to Navigate Your Career with Intentions

It takes more than ambition and good old-fashioned hard work to navigate your career - you have to know who you are and what you want.  This webinar will help you develop a clear road map to help you achieve this. More Info

Intro to Training

Have you ever been asked to train others, even though you have no formal training experience? Having specialized knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to train others. But it is a skill you can learn!  In this online course, participants will explore how to prepare a training session to share knowledge & skills effectively to others. Regular Price $199 after April 6th More Info

Prioritizing: Doing the Work that Matters

Prioritization is the key to getting the most from your day, and from your team. Without clear priorities, you can end up bouncing from one task to another, only doing what’s easy, or focusing on other people’s priorities rather than your own. This online course will help participants focus on the essentials, discover why it’s important to prioritize and discover two techniques to tackle your To-Do List to deliver the biggest impact. More Info

Telework Planning: 101

Working in a home office requires a unique set of skills. Communication issues alone can make any job challenging. Being proactive in recognizing these challenges will help employees perform more
efficiently while teleworking. In this webinar, participants will establish additional skills needed to be successful in their work from home environment. More Info



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